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Active Spots – Scientific Sports

Fun is the most important factor in everything we do. We believe kids learn faster when they are having fun. The fun factor keeps them going and asking for more, which ultimately leads to learning and owning the skill.
Kids don’t want to practice, they want to play! Epistemo Vikas Leadership school is associated with Active Sports to turn practice into play.

Fundamental Movement Skills are now universally recognized as a key to a physically active lifestyle. When inculcated early in life, i.e. in their formative years, it enables children to grow into healthy and active individuals and is a strong defense against obesity and sedentary habits.

The goal of Scientific Sports is to engage them in playful learning without ever knowing they were practicing.

Active Sports provide complete end to end solution for schools, where it starts off with motor skills and work all the way through the multi-sport program and sports specialization.

  • Nursery to PP2: We work on motor skills and basic sports skills.
  • Grades 1 to 5: We work on motor skills and multi-sport program, where the child participates with few rules in small-sided games/ sports including but not limited to, Soccer, Cricket, Flag Football, kho-kho, Handball and target games.
  • Grades 6 to 10:We work with the child to specialize in the sport they love.

How We do?

  • By understanding the school’s philosophy, Active Sports conducts various brainstorming sessions with the Teachers and customize the program as per the requirement.
  • The annual program is designed to help children develop ‘Fundamental movement and sports skills’ by inculcating interesting gaming concepts as opposed to traditional drill and sports-based models. This helps engage our 21st-century children both physically and mentally.
  • The curriculum is designed to graduate from simple tasks to more difficult tasks. All activities are age-appropriate and supported by a solid foundation of fundamentals. As the child’s skill and understanding of the sport develops, the pace and intensity of the class increases.



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