The pros and cons of Digital education in schools

Digital Education, the way forward?

"Technology can never replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational" George Couros

It is a digital world out there. And technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives. Schools aren't far behind, from digital classrooms to online learning, the education sector is making digital happen. But, do schools, students and most importantly the society perceives digitalization as a threat or do we actually see it as a boon.

Did you know?

"By 2020 it's estimated there will be 1.5 million new digitised jobs across the globe.

"Another Research by the World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children entering primary school will find themselves in occupations that today do not exist. It is imperative, therefore, for the education sector to prepare the talent needed for the digital economy, by adapting as fast as the increasing demand for IT skills."

This has always been a debate. Technology has its pros and cons is the most evident explanation we hear. While traditionally, the teacher-student relationship is seen as a most inspiring form of learning, technology as a facilitator has evolved well into the modern century. Education and learning aren't all about curriculum and academics. Teacher-student interactions, peer interaction, and the informal experience of a classroom is something a digital classroom lacks. However, given the times we live, technology has made an impact on all.

To see both sides and for a complete view of how technology is viewed in schools, let us have a look at some of the advantages of digital education. Here's why digital education is the way forward.

  • Easy process in delivering the material to the students.
  • Easy access to students: students can easily access different resources without any trouble.
  • Gives students and teachers the premise to experiment and innovate
  • Connects students, teachers, parents across different geographies
  • Technology is an inevitable tool that helps engage the students, given the visuals and the ease
  • With the innumerable software available, learning and research is fun.
  • There is no monotony or boredom, as one could get innovative as well as reduce tasks of printing

With the advantages listed above, there are also drawbacks to the technology used in education. Here are a few listed below:

  • Technology is distractive, the attention span of a child and even an adult gets diminished with digital tools.
  • Personal interaction between teachers and students or peer discussions reduces
  • Not affordable for all
  • Digital tools increase the scope for malpractices during examinations.
  • The credibility of information available online is questionable at times
  • Inappropriate content, video games, especially violence can impact the mind and health of young adults

While technology can enable a lot of learning, a good monitoring system, collaboration amongst parents, teachers and schools can really help the group. When teachers deliver quality and affordable materials suitable for the students, they augment the learning with technology.

To sum up in the words of Brian Greenberg "Technology is important, but it's really just the means to an end. The real magic is in giving great educators freedom and license into how school works."

A futuristic school that aims at high academic excellence, and a sound value system, is what is needed. Navigating in the global world with technology and shaping students into responsible citizens is what makes the difference.

At Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, we believe that education is the process of facilitating learning skills, values, beliefs, and habits and also equipping one with knowledge. Our team of committed faculty, nurture students holistically so that the learning is not just about books but beyond.

Epistemo Vikas Leadership School has always had its roots and beliefs in holistic education. A pioneer in innovative learning, complete with values and co-curricular, Epistemo Vikas Leadership School is the preferred school by most parents. The numerous awards presented to our students is a perfect testimony of how strong presence is made across various verticals of education including academics, sports, literary and cultural.

The school provides a unique platform for students to "explore, discover, learn, apply, analyze and create." The infrastructure, technology in education, teaching method, and approach is of high quality. With assimilated learning, and a global perspective the school is surely a notch-up giving an edge over the rest.

For more information about online learning and the digitalizing of education, and any other queries, contact the Epistemo Vikas Leadership School at +91 7702800800 or at info@epistemo.in or visit our website at https://epistemo.in/

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