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Vision & Mission

Schools across the country are realising the need for the education system to be overhauled to nurture skills and character traits for success in the global arena. One such school that believes that the future is here and now is Epistemo - Vikas Leadership School. 

Epistemo - Vikas Leadership School is part of the Vikas Group of Educational Institutions founded by visionary and educationist Late Shri. S. Koteshwara Rao.

Epistemo belongs to a small vanguard of schools that believe in taking giant strides, not baby steps to address the glaring gaps in our traditional models of education.

Epistemo has derived its name from a Greek word, which means knowledge, and intends to pave a new path in the field of education to explore newer dimensions of effective learning. The endeavour is to kindle the spark of inquisitiveness in a child and shine the light of knowledge bright.  Embracing this philosophy, we attempt to impart an array of skills promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, collaboration and communication. These skills help our self-directed learners to be confident, successful and responsible global citizens who lead by example as active contributors to their community and humanity. We hone all the skills needed to be a 21st century school.


At Epistemo, we endeavour to impart holistic education through qualitative learning to bring out the best academic potential in children by strengthening their cognitive, interpersonal, creative and physical development.


To provide a learning environment that instils skills and values in a compassionate, safe, child-centric ambience by nurturing their innate talent to attain great success and self-accomplishment.

It is a place where learning does not become a compulsion, but a platform for understanding the global concepts integrated with ethics and culture, aided by contemporary tools and techniques.

Asha Sharma


Good school. I liked the most thing whatever we have problem, Epistemo Vikas Leadership school always ready for support and give solution very fast.


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