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You need to register and fill an application form. There will be a suitability assessment done for the child and further interaction with the Principal. Based on the interaction, admission is granted. But then the admission would be confirmed only after the payment of the applicable fee mentioned.

Please contact our transport in charge to know the details on transport

No, it is a day school.

Documents required at the time of admission are

  • Photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate.
  • Photocopy of the child’s Aadhar Card.
  • Passport size photos of the child (3 copies).
  • Study Certificate or Bonafide Certificate from the previous school (for classes II & above).
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school (for classes II & above).
  • Photocopy of the report card of the previous class.
  • Authentic blood group report.
  • Medical Certificate (if any allergies)


Preprimary I - Child should complete 3 years by March.
Preprimary II - Child should complete 4 years by March.
Grade1- Child should complete 5 years by March.

We have 24 students in each class accompanied with one teacher and one ayah.

The timings are 8:30 am-3:30 pm and it is a 5 day week (Mon-Fri) . Post lunch the students have nap time, playtime, and activities time.

Lower - Primary

Appropriate school activities lead to the all-round development of the child. We, at Epistemo, choose or pick-age appropriate activities like reciting poems, role plays, skits  and narrating stories to keep the kids educated and engaged at the same time.

Both informative and productive activities build our primary students confidence and make them adaptable to the next level. Our specialized teaching aids impart lessons with efficiency and effectiveness for better retention.

Upper - Primary

In upper-primary, our curriculum focuses on helping students to become independent learners and preparing them to succeed at a higher level emphasizing on concept methodology.


Our curriculum is meticulously planned to bring out the best in every child. It gives scope for the development of imaginative, logical, analytical, critical, creative, and effective communication skills along with activity oriented teaching and learning, integration of arts, and co-scholastic with scholastics to strengthen academics.


As part of Futuristic Education, we have scheduled different activities for Work Education, Civic Literacy, Literary Skills and Entrepreneurship classes. STEAM & Robotic classes are also included in our curriculum.

Music (Vocal, Instrumental); Dance ( Classical,Western); Art & Craft; Painting; Yoga; Meditation, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Skating, Lawn Tennis, Taekwondo, Chess and Table tennis

Yes, we do encourage all the children to participate in all the competitive exams and get them registered from school.


The teaching is done in an effective manner. We emphasize each and every topic by our experienced teachers in all subjects by integrating STEAM . We believe in holistic and practical education for which we use smart boards so that the students could understand the concept more practically.

Yes, every classroom is equipped with smart boards and projectors.

Dining Hall

Yes, we do have dining facilities available. Students can opt for school lunch.

No, pure vegetarian food.

Yes it is optional.


Yes, we do provide transport. Our buses commute to 20kms of radius..

Yes, we have our teachers who accompany children in most of the routes, also we have a lady ayah who will accompany the children.

The pickups are common pickup points not door to door.

No, it is not mandatory. It is on an optional basis.


All the staff and children are insisted on carrying their Id card. No child is allowed to leave the campus without prior notification. The concerned person related to the child has to send a mail to about early pickup or late drop. After confirmation from Parent Relation Officer, the parent or guardian can come to school, submit the pick-up card. It is about his identity and the reason for leaving along with the child from the security point and then the child will be handed over to the parent or guardian.

The campus is equipped with CCTV cameras for constant surveillance.

Any kind of misbehavior by anyone would be taken seriously.


Yes, the payment can be done online through Mobile App or through the School Website.

You can check the fee details in Epistemo Parent Portal, where you have the gateway to pay the fee through online or call PR @ 7702800800 or write a mail to for assistance


We follow the Cambridge syllabus till grade 7 and an option will be given to students to choose either to continue in Cambridge or to choose CBSE from grade 8 onwards.

The timings of the school are from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

We have from PP 1 to Xth.

Yes, we do give preference to siblings.

Yes. Alternate Saturdays’ are working for classes Vth to Xth and five day school from Pre primary to grade IVth.

We accommodate 36 students in each class from grade 1 to grade 10 whereas pre primary I & II, we have 24 students accompanied by one teacher and one ayah.

The strength of the school is 600 students.

Apart from 1st language being English, we provide Hindi, Telugu and French as language options.

Sections will be divided based on the languages opted.

Yes, we do have a playground.

They have 3 breaks of which two would be short breaks for 10 minutes one in the morning and one in the evening and lunch for half an hour in the afternoon.

Yes, we do have library with hundreds of variety of books where students can pick the books of their choice available, and even can borrow books from library

Yes, we have separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Computers.

Yes, parents can take a prior appointment by writing a mail to and schedule a meeting with the concerned teacher at the given time slot

Yes, you can meet the Principal with a prior appointment.

The parent can meet the faculty from 3:30 pm-5:30 pm from Tuesday-Friday.

9:00 am to 12:00 noon on every Monday and Saturday.

Yes, we do have infirmary available with the facilities required to treat the child immediately in case of sickness.

We have 2 - 3 sections for each class.

Yes, we do have a school diary in which all important notes would be provided on a day to day basis. We also have a mobile app where you can view all the worksheets and homeworks given to the child.


Outdoor Games (BasketBall, FootBall, Volleyball, Kho-Kho)

Indoor games (Caroms, Chess)


Covid-19 related General Questionnaire

Regular school will begin as per the government directives. We shall inform you through a mail once the official GO is released.

Epistemo will follow all mandatory guidelines as stipulated by the government of Telangana to ensure the safety of children. All details of the same will be shared with the parents before regular school starts.

Till the school reopens physically, the online assessments will be conducted.

An application called CamScanner can be downloaded from the playstore on the phone and the work scanned can be uploaded.

It depends on the government guidelines.

Team lead number is provided to discuss on any issue at the given time slot. Also, students can clarify their doubts by posting in the stream tab in google classroom.

Teachers have planned the syllabus considering all the uncertainties. Syllabus will be completed by November for Grade 10. The board exams begin in February and there is enough time for the syllabus completion in spite of all these issues.

Once the child gets logged in with the user id and password in the he/she can find the pre-recorded videos/audios available and the recording of the classes conducted

The assignments once submitted in the will be verified by the respective teacher and result and feedback will be shared.

The timings are from 8:30 AM to 3:15 PM. Each class will be of 45 min duration. The time table will be shared in the Parent portal of MCB and will be mailed. Home work will be assigned as per schedule.

You can mail to

The respective class teacher has to be informed through email on the same day about the issue. The school will then consider the request.

At this moment of time, it is difficult to predict. However, the school will inform parents about this.

The school will follow all mandatory guidelines as stipulated by the government of Telangana to ensure safety of children. Disinfecting & sanitizing the whole place prior to students' return will be a mandatory compliance.

The seating arrangement is already being worked out. We shall abide by all guidelines necessary to ensure safety of the children. A detailed mail will be sent to you to this effect prior to reopening of the school.

Covid-19 Questionnaire specific to Primary classes:

All worksheets would be updated under the classwork tab in

Wearing a school uniform is not mandatory for online sessions. However if you feel that this would create the right mood and setting, you may do so. It is optional.

Yes. You do have an option to order books online through Shop school. Details will be provided to go for online orders.

Our lessons have been planned keeping in mind the age and ability of the students . We would like the parents to help out the children in the first 2 weeks to adapt to the online learning platform. Teachers will guide the students with further instructions

Yes, It is a must.

For any other questions, please contact us.



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