Encourage students to develop their characters

Putting forth a platform to celebrate every child’s uniqueness

Student Work

“Let’s all embrace the beauty of imperfection”

This is a forum for children to be ‘BE’. Let them not be judged for they are amateurs, but be appreciated for the character of their content. We, at Epistemo take immense pride in accepting our children the way they are. We provide a platform for the children to be themselves and believe in celebrating their uniqueness as we strongly believe in the principle of “each to its own.”



Here comes dawn bringing a sunlight crown, smiling upwards at the black heavens. The passing night welcomes her more with each minute and hour. It is the peacefulness at its extreme. Birds are chirping softly like honey to the ears. The honking cars, noisy neighbors everything ceases to exist. Sun pours through the window, bringing new hopes and aspirations. There is a pearly glow in the sky. The dawn brings chorus of melodic bird-song drifted in. The just- risen sun shines softly on the streets, bringing with the flurry of early morning activity.

The first rays of the sun lit up the room. Lighting up the balcony, the rays of the sun entered the living room. The air still smelled like night; it’s fresh. The sky began to blush, turned from the beautiful deep purple into the bright yellow, red and orange. The cool
breeze passed through the side. Enjoying the morning was a bliss. The fresh and non- polluted air smelled great. The bleak golden, perpetual murky sunrise came up the sky, bringing an end to beautiful, glorious early morning.

After a long dark night came the dawn. The sun peeked through the clouds, painting the sky bronze, orange and yellow warming the surrounding. The sun sparkled like a star; The air was pollution free. The dawn had spread a positive energy and light in the air. The trees whispered to the plants; the chicken said good morning in a harsh voice; the sunflowers danced with sun rays. The birds chirped joyfully. The dawn had brought us a new hope and day.

When dawn had come the sun said “raise and shine everyone time to wake up”. The air was cold but pleasing, the lotus swayed with the cold breeze. The sky was clear and blue. The dawn spread an aroma and energy in the air. It was a gorgeous beginning of the day

The world is covered in darkness and dullness, but in the east a tiny dot of light is starting to appear. The birds are singing extremely sweet as a nightingale. There is dew on the leaves. The flowers are gleaming and shining. In a while the brightness of the sun starts dominating the darkness. The clear blue sky is full of puffy cottony clouds. The fresh breeze is playing all around. It is as cool as winter but the morning rays of the sun are warming the atmosphere.
Suddenly it starts drizzling. The sky shows the magic with an enormous rainbow spreading across the horizon.

Waking up in the morning is very pleasant and refreshing. Chirping of the birds and cool breeze set the stage for the day. Roosters crow; the cows moo, and the birds spread feathery blanket across the sky. The plants dance in the cool breeze.

It is relaxing to feel all these things. During this time if raindrops fill the atmosphere with the melody, the surrounding is heavenly. Nature spreads happiness and positivity throughout the neighborhood. A beautiful rainbow shows up in the sky when the bright and warm sun rises.

The sky is pitch dark and as blue slowly forms a gradient. The thin breeze refreshes tired birds, and their pleasant music slowly takes over. The birds sound so pleasant, that even the loud bugs are forced to listen. The thin breeze soothes tired minds. All the animals fall in awe. The people walking around stop on their ways, to just feel the soothing calmness of their surroundings. Even the trees begin dancing with their big branches swaying across. The winds get harder, and the birds chirp louder. The moon fades away and so do the coldness. The sun shines brightly, and falls on the ground making the scene so much more beautiful. The trees give fresh air. The sunflower beautifully unfolds, and the birds gracefully migrate away from their nests. The flowers blossom, as the wind blows away sadness, making everything around beautiful.




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