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Swimming Pool

Swimming is an essential life skill that should be introduced to children early on, for they learn a skill that can be enjoyed life-long. It is the only sport that can be a true lifesaver. Swimming is a pleasurable activity that keeps children healthy, makes them confident and teaches them teamwork and time management skills.

Epistemo wants its students to take advantage of countless benefits that swimming offers and hence has been made a mandatory sport for grades 1-5. Our swimming pool is designed to train children in this essential life skill. Proficient coaches and a lifeguard are present to introduce students to this skill and train them to be better at it. Swimming lessons are imparted and supervised for the safety of each and every student involved in the activity. The pool is well maintained throughout the year and is made available for the learners of all age groups to develop a life-long passion for swimming.


  • To build a life-saving skill
  • Builds endurance and muscle strength
  • Improves the overall flexibility of your body
  • Enhances cognitive skills

Asha Sharma


I am very happy with Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and I am proud that my child is part of this school. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Epistemo Vikas Leadership School gives support and solution at all time.


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