Ensuring a Safe and Reliable Commute

Providing a network of buses for transporting children to and from school


At Epistemo, we underscore the importance of providing a safe and reliable source of commute for our students to reach school and back home in a timely, secure and comfortable manner. We have students coming to attend our school from different parts of the city, making it essential to assure a good transport system that can accommodate the daily travel needs of children coming from different areas.

We own a fleet of well-maintained buses that are equipped with the latest communication devices to keep the parents and school well-informed about the location of buses during the travel hours. Every bus is allotted a well-qualified driver and a caretaker who ensures the safety of all the students in transit. Additionally, teachers are also encouraged to commute on a school bus to assure that safety guidelines are followed by the students while travelling on a bus.

Objectives of transportation:

  • Providing safe transportation to and from the school
  • Make safety a priority for students
  • Planning and providing transportation services efficiently and economically
  • Maintain quality transportation equipment and vehicles
  • Adhering to safety guidelines and recommendations
  • Working effectively with students and parents to provide a dependable source for a commute

Stops :

  1. Karketiya hills
  2. Reliance Elegance
  3. Majid Band Circile
  4. Sudharshan Nagar
  5. Doyens - Esperanza
  6. Gulmohar
  7. South Park
  8. Regent Park
  9. Vijaya Raghava

Stops :

  1. Pragathi nagar
  2. Nizampet Hanuman temple
  3. Old Age Home nizam pet
  4. Vayuja Homes
  5. Miyapur
  6. Sitara Grand
  7. Sri Sai Ram Towers
  8. Vaishali Nagar
  9. Sri Kalki Heights
  10. Hemadurga pride
  11. Blue Bird Play School

Stops :

  1. Shanthi Nagar Colony
  2. Mac Society
  3. Lig
  4. Vidyut Nagar

Stops :

  1. Aparna Cyber Commune
  2. Aparna cyber zon

Stops :

  1. Aparna cyber zon

Stops :

  1. Aparna Cyberlife
  2. Aparna Sarovar Grande
  3. Navodaya school
  4. Ramky One Cosmos
  5. Hima Sai Apartment

Stops :

  1. Aparna Sarovar
  2. Manjeera Diamond

Stops :

  1. Madhavapuri Hills
  2. Pjr Enclave
  3. Aparna Hill Park
  4. Cbr Estate
  5. Market Lingampally
  6. Raagas
  7. Matrix Orchilds
  8. Railway Station
  9. Marigold

Stops :

  1. PNR colony
  4. Udhaya Polygon
  5. Sridevi Theater
  6. Rajender Reddy Nagar Colony
  8. Mytri Hospital
  9. Aastha Imperial Hights
  10. Active Pearl Place Apartment

Stops :

  1. Hig
  2. Kk Nagar
  3. Jyothi Nagar
  4. Bhel Town Ship
  5. S.B.H Mig
  6. Rao Techno School
  7. Big Chruch
  8. Small Chruch
  9. Old Mig

Stops :

  1. Praneeth county
  2. Praneeth Pranav Homes
  3. Praneeth Green Field
  4. Navya Duplex homes
  5. Navya Duplex Villa
  6. Raghavendra Colony
  7. Icrisat Colony
  8. Vandanapuri Colony
  9. Ramchandra Reddy Nagar
  10. AMBICA & CO, Ramachandra Puram

Stops :

  1. My Home Jewel
  2. Huda Colony Chandhanagar
  3. Rlr Towers
  4. Kadimi Hospital
  5. Pjr Stadium
  6. P J R Stadium Near Ele-Substation
  7. Doctors Colony nallagandala

Stops :

  1. Sanath nagar main Road
  2. Holistic hospital Kphp
  3. Indu Fortune
  4. Kondapur R.T.O office
  5. Adarsh Nagar Colony Near Lingampally
  6. Shivaji Nagar Near Lingampally
  7. Laxmi Vihar Phase 2 near nallagandala
  8. Laven Homes near nallagandala.

Stops :

  1. Kfc Gachibowli
  2. Telecom nagar gachibowli
  3. Green Grace Apartment
  4. Avatar Meher Baba Mano Nash Cave, Khajaguda
  5. My Home Vehanga

Stops :

  1. Muppa Green Grandeur,Gopanpally
  2. Bloomed Ecstasy,
  3. Honey due Osman Nagar
  4. Indus Crest Osman Nagar
  5. Sri Sai Balaji Tellapur
  6. Water Plant Tellapur
  7. Devino villa house no-39,Tellapur
  8. Bonsai Nallagandala
  9. Laxmi Vihar, Phase - 1 nallagandala
  10. Euro Kids,Laxmi Vihar,Phase-1 nallagandala



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