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CBSE Affiliation No: 3630292


ISA –IN189

The International Dimension in Schools (IDS) under the British Council is a badge of honor and the most coveted award that has brought the school glory alongside raising the performance bar for years to come.



Robox, an experiential learning program designed for students in a very interactive, intelligent, and easy way to use software designed with a game like structure in IOT Projects, 3D Printer –Arm, ROBOX- DIY Kits. It creates a fun filled, exciting, active, joyful, and stimulating environment in which students discover the important connection between classroom lessons and real-world applications. Using robots in the school curriculum will strengthen the quality of STEM education for students by enabling educators to use innovative learning materials and improved teaching strategies. It will also help educators to keep up the self-motivation of the students. With an abundance of motivated students, Epistemo benefits in many ways. The program not only can potentially obtain lower student absenteeism rates, but it has also proven that motivated students have better grades.


Science Olympiad Foundation

To create a healthy spirit of competition in order to prepare students for the biggest challenges in the course of their career building. Vikas conducts Olympiad examinations NSO, NCO, ICO, IMO, IGKO and IEO enabling students to compete at school, national and international levels to get recognition.


Yard sticks

Epistemo is tied up with Yardstick Programs which are based on Child Centred “Hands-On” Learning activities which are customized for the school curriculum and caters to teacher needs. It engages learners with their keen, inquisitive, and imaginative minds via Hands-on educational activities in a complete experiential learning cycle and all cognitive domains of the bloom's taxonomy. We, at Epistemo, also believe that making learning wholesome, meaningful, and constructive will help us to achieve our vision. Yardstick provides specific services to all the stakeholders in a child’s education – from parents, teachers, and administrators to the students.



Tudubuddy is an Artificial intelligence program(AI) based on an online assessment platform for Epistemo Lemurs. With custom practice tests on various subjects, it helps the children to test their knowledge, identify the gaps in their academic learning and improve upon to get ahead. Based upon Epistemo’s academic choice, the subjects from a range of selection, create suitable practice tests with customizable difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Difficult), based on the student’s age and aptitude.

Dream About Sports - Epistemo

Active Sports

Fun is the most important factor in everything we do. We believe kids learn faster when they are having fun. The fun factor keeps them going and asking for more, which ultimately leads to learning and owning the skill. Epistemo Vikas Leadership School is associated with Active Sports to turn practice into play.

The goal of Scientific Sports is to engage them in playful learning without ever knowing what they were practicing. Active Sports provide a complete end to end solution for schools, where it starts off with motor skills and works all the way through multi-sports program and sports specialization.

  • Nursery to PP2: Motor Skills and Basic Sports Skills.
  • Grades 1 to 5: Motor Skills and Multi-Sport Program, where the child participates with few rules in various small sided games and sports which are not limited to Soccer, Cricket, Flag Football, Kho Kho game, Handball and other target games.
  • Grades 6 to 10:We work with the child to specialize in the sport they love.

Page Career Academy

PAGE is dedicated to the cause of education. Every year, Page conducts career counseling sessions at Epistemo and aptitude tests free of charge for the students and gets an enthusiastic response from the students and parents. In today’s world, where there is a mind-boggling array of career options, we recognize that students and parents may not be aware of all of them nor is it easy for them to make up their minds what career path to choose. Epistemo and PAGE together aims to help both students and parents with this decision-making process and set them up for successful careers.



Epistemo has joined hands with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), an organization working for a noble cause of preserving and creating awareness of our rich Indian heritage. We take immense pride in introducing our young generation to the liveliness of Indian tradition and culture, wherein our learners would get a chance to identify Indian traditions, be a part of it and nurture their inherent desire of belongingness. Through various hands-on activities, worksheets, demonstrations, festive celebrations, and short films, we aim to shed light on our traditions and customs and bring alive its lushness to our young learners and help them to stay connected with their roots.


Serve Needy

Serve Needy is a social service organization that aims to serve underprivileged and needy people. Epistemo Lemurs extend their support to the organization in feeding the hungry, treating the medical conditions of the poor, clothing the poor, educating the illiterates, and cleaning the surroundings under Civic Literacy activity. It helps the students in understanding and striving to improve the lives of people in the society. It improves a sense of responsibility with compassion and empathy towards the underprivileged and the society.



Asha Sharma


I am very happy with Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and I am proud that my child is part of this school. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Epistemo Vikas Leadership School gives support and solution at all time.


Smitha Reddy


Good school. Teachers are very approachable and give great support to our children. My children are very happy going to school. I wish the school can excel many more things in the future.


Nishkam D


Very Good School, teaching is concept based, kids are able to learn fast because content can change but the concept remains the same. Teachers are excellent they know about the strengths and weaknesses of each and every child. I wish the school will grow and flourish more and more in the future.


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Epistemo’s special assemblies

The assembly format has undergone a change, and henceforth, there will be a weekly assembly for 45 minutes which shall be conducted by the house on duty. The assembly shall include Prayer, special presentations or programs put up by the students, motivational speeches, prize distributions, felicitations and announcements. The school assembly will be a forum...

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