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“Hobbies let you unleash the true creative potential in you”.

Hobbies are great ways to indulge in creative pursuits. We believe that hobbies not only promote imaginative skills but also hone our learner’s artistic talents. Hobby Clubs are initiated at Epistemo to strike a balance between creative and academic pursuits. Students are given an opportunity to explore their passion and nurture creative talents with an intent to encourage multifarious development in them. Through Hobby clubs every student is encouraged to be part of a group based on his/her liking. Apart from hobbies, co-curricular activities are integrated into their school curriculum and form a part of the calendar during school hours throughout the year.

List of school clubs to choose from :
  •    Classical Dance
  •    Western Dance
  •    Instrumental Music
  •    Vocal Indian Music
  •    Painting
  •    Craft
  •    Sculpture
  •    Gardening



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