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Thirty years in Education, Epistemo Vikas Leadership International School follows the CBSE curriculum and has nearly 700 students from Nursery to Grade 10 in its portals.Our mission is to inspire and empower children to think, create, innovate, integrate, excel and contribute. Our endeavour is to foster the best Indian values while cultivating a global outlook.The process of education involves understanding and assimilating the nuances of global education and the ISA programme is another step in this direction.


‘Valuing others — valuing ourselves’ Technology and communication have shrunk the planet to a village and children today are global citizens by fate. Interdependence of communities is a natural phenomenon.

This proximity also provides an opportunity to understand and appreciate the culture and heritage of other countries. No matter where we live, the political, social, economic and environmental changes of any sort would be felt by global citizens.

Therefore, a paradigm shift in education towards ‘internationalism’ is the need of the hour. We have to make the students realise the importance of establishing links across the globe and work towards global peace and equality for the future.


  • To create a school community where there are tolerance and respect for global citizens
  • To identify ways of enhancing the curriculum, to provide new learning opportunities and experiences for pupils and training of staff
  • To enhance the interest and curiosity about the wider world and a sense of international identity to be established
  • Encourage an enthusiasm for learning languages and an awareness of the benefits to be gained
  • To promote a sense of global community through the use of information and regular contact with people from other countries
  • To make the school an example of sustainability of good practices
  • To help students to be morally and socially responsible as global citizens and understand problems from a global perspective
  • Enabling students to participate in international events
  • Making apt use of communication technology to remain in touch with partner schools
  • To raise the profile of the school in the local community by sharing the work undertaken and inviting the community into the school
  • In the process of gaining an ‘international’ outlook, provide equal opportunities to all individuals irrespective of age, caste, gender, social circumstances etc.
  • Global issues to be brought into the classroom for debates and discussions for multi-dimensional awareness
  • To equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skill to deal with the challenges of the 21st century
  • Celebrate multiculturalism by observing international days and festivals
  • Make students aware of global issues through multimedia
  • Student and staff interaction programme overseas to be implemented
  • Involvement of the parent community as a resource bank for all our activities
  • Explore the various avenues open to a child and help him make the right choices


This policy has been approved by the management and staff of the school and will be used in conjugation with other school policies. It will be reviewed annually.



Asha Sharma


I am very happy with Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and I am proud that my child is part of this school. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Epistemo Vikas Leadership School gives support and solution at all time. Asha Sharma I am very happy with Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and I am proud that…


Smitha Reddy


Good school. Teachers are very approachable and give great support to our children. My children are very happy going to school. I wish the school can excel many more things in the future Smitha Reddy Good school. Teachers are very approachable and give great support to our children. My children are very happy going to…


Nishkam D


Very Good School, teaching is concept based, kids are able to learn fast because content can change but the concept remains the same. Teachers are excellent they know about the strengths and weaknesses of each and every child. I wish the school will grow and flourish more and more in the future. Nishkam D Very…


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