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Sidharth V Nair of Class-VII – Qualified to Round 3 in “Collins Smart Tech 1.0” 2021

MINDCHAMP- A National Coding Championship for Schools

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing more to take away.”Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Collins Smart Tech 1.0 – A National Coding Championship For Schools was conducted by COLLINS LEARNING in association with MINDCHAMP for students of Grades 5-8.
The competition is a 3 rounds process and we are proud to announce that our students were able to make it up in Round I by creating a ‘Game on Sustainability Goals’ on the Scratch Software. This gave them wings and qualified them to Round II, by securing 4th position from the top among the 50 shortlisted schools out of 265 schools who participated.
The sparks are always sparkling, thus in the Round II of creating offline webpages using HTML, CSS & JavaScript on the topic of students’ choice, our Champions chose – “Accidental Inventions” and yet again a successful journey that made us emerge as final qualifiers in all across the State as the only school to qualify for the Grand Finale with 6 other schools from all across the Country.
Wishing all the Best to our Coding Champions and Cheers to our success!

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