Sports & Arts

Are an integral part of a student’s life. Benefits of playing sports and practising arts are multiple and lead to a balanced physical and mental growth. It builds sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership and perseverance. We have included programs like Championship, Talent Hunt and Khelo Telangana to encourage these qualities.

Epistemo hosts various championships with an aim to promote participation, team-spirit, talent and competitiveness. Championship titles are awarded as a recognition to the ultimate winner for displaying exceptional skill set.

Epistemo organises art, music and dance lessons for children to foster creativity and allow them to grow socially, mentally and emotionally. It is integrated with the school curriculum and is an important aspect of education as it enhances lateral thinking, complex analysis, and critical thinking skills. Art gives children an outlet to express their ideas and creativity.

Epistemo weekends, conducted every third Saturday of the month, are workshops with fun-filled activities based on the theme for that month. Eco-friendly tree Ganesh making, Freedom & Friendship, Tiaras & blue bows are a few to mention. Weekend workshops provide a platform for friends and family to spend quality time together while indulging in the joyful learning experience. It’s a perfect blend of entertainment and skill-based training. Epistemo provides an array of activities to entertain the people of all age groups.

We provide our all young artists a platform to showcase their talent and skills. We appreciate all forms of arts - singing, dancing, acting, drumming or martial arts. Every child’s creative talent is identified and nurtured. This event is a great way to help them overcome their stage fright, boost their confidence and motivate them to build their interest.

Games and sports are an integral part of our school’s curriculum. Playing helps children to stay physically fit and be mentally alert. Our school hones a massive campus with huge playgrounds, courts and swimming pools that can host international tournaments and competition. We have an impressive Cricket pitch, Basketball court, Lawn Tennis court, Athletic track and numerous sports options to provide ample opportunities to people of all age groups to actively participate in Khelo Telangana Epistemo Academy and experience the joy of sports.



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