Leveraging Technology in Schools amidst COVID-19

This is a crucial time for India's schools. With the lockdown due to Covid-19 in place since March 2020, schools have had to reinvent themselves in order to do what they do best…educate their students. They have done this by leveraging technology to provide the best and cutting-edge education to their students. In this article, we shall explore how schools are using technology to educate and to fulfill their mission.

The main trend in India in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is the rapid digitalization of education. Here are four main ways that the school education sector in India, including at the Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, is transforming itself using technology during this pandemic and also how technology is helping students learn.

1) Instituting the culture of "Learning Anywhere, Anytime":

With the lockdown having left millions of school children stranded, many schools, including Epistemo, have fostered a culture of digital learning. This includes online classes, which have become the most viable means of education. Many schools have built intranet systems and have begun using video broadcasting tools, such as Zoom, Google Hangout, and Webex, to provide learning at home. Moreover, schools have begun using asynchronous learning programs, such as the Discussion Board and Digital Library to facilitate rapid learning. In order to overcome the challenges associated with remote learning, schools are using real-time messaging and social media channels, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. Schools are also able to use technology to make learning accessible to the hardest-to-reach children. Our Edtech classrooms ensure that students learn rapidly and easily. Rapid advancements in 5G technology are also helping schools disseminate information and learning and are helping them embrace the "learning anytime, anywhere" culture.

2) Reducing the digital divide:

The digital divide is not only a reality among school students but among school teachers as well. Many schools, such as Epsitemo, have instituted accelerated efforts to help their teachers scale and adapt to the new dynamics of work. Many schools are using a range of online learning solutions to upskill their teachers and empower them to provide the right pedagogy using the right technology. Teachers are becoming increasingly comfortable using technology to provide their students with a special education classroom. Many schools have also provided a Google classroom for our staff. Through various learning modes, teachers are being encouraged to provide continuity of learning to their students. Teachers are also being encouraged to use online tools and modes to share information and enable relationship formation with the parents or guardians of their students. The schools are working closely with their teachers in order that they make a seamless transition from the chalkboard to the whiteboard and feel secure in their new environment.

3) Enhancing public-private partnerships:

Many public and private schools, including Epistemo are working with private digital learning platforms and providers to provide the best, cutting-edge education to their students. Most schools, irrespective of their public or private nature, are using technology to provide learning to their students and advance their right to education.

4) The growing popularity of Edtech firms:

While in the past, EdTech firms have struggled to gain popularity, due to the traditional, classroom approach in most schools, they are now becoming increasingly popular. These firms are making use of interactive apps to ensure massive engagement in live-streaming classes. They also provide online tutorials and other innovative offerings, in order for school students to learn on a huge scale.

Today, the dream of digital education is a reality. It is no longer a luxury, but is a necessity. Students across the country are attending school from their homes and it is happening in states all across India. Even rural schools are adopting the technology necessary to provide digital education to their students.

Not only the role of students, but the role of teachers is also changing in the post-COVID-19 world. We are increasingly seeing teachers recording their lectures and disseminating them via video and varied tech apps. They are also conducting live classes via different online platforms. They are engaging their students in new and interesting ways besides providing them with live lectures.

We, at the Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, are at the forefront of the use of technology to provide online learning and to set up a virtual classroom for all our students. We are determined to ensure that our students do not face any disruption or difficulty in learning during this difficult time.

Our students enjoy digital learning at their own pace and time, through student-centric learning that is Epistemo's hallmark. We provide our students with a holistic learning experience, including online. So, if you want to ensure that your child continues to learn even during this pandemic, you know where to go…Epistemo!

For more information about online learning and the digitalizing of education, and any other queries, contact the Epistemo Vikas Leadership School at +91 7702800800 or at or visit our website at

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