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Why Choose Cambridge for Your Child? Why Epistemo?

Have you heard of the great quote of Gandhiji that says, "Our future lies on what we do in the present"?

So if you too want to have the passport to your child’s bright future, you will have to build the right foundation for his education. Exactly like how the strength of a tree lies in its roots, the growth and knowledge of your child lie in how creative his learning skills are and how strong his educational foundation is. And here at Epistemo, your child can improve his inner talent from the core with the right guidance and support.

In Epistemo, we manifest creativity and growth.

 What Makes Our Cambridge School in Nallagandla Different?

To understand how Epistemo works in your child’s growth, it is important to understand the importance of the first 10–15 years of your child’s educational journey.

 Some of the most important aspects of life, such as critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, logical thinking, creative learning, etc., come from mental agility.

How does your child think? is what matters most in his growth, and in this era of creativity, thinking out of the box is very important. Hence, this mental agility comes from a strong early education, that offers constant guidance and creative support. 

In our institution, we shape that mental agility in your child through creative learning that will help your children grasp the concept better with proper understanding.

Here, we believe every child is different, and thus their grasping techniques are different as well. So our mentors ensure that each child gets the right support to build the base of the subjects of their interest. 

If you are looking for a place that enhances not just the knowledge but also the overall character growth of your child, this Cambridge International School should be your first choice because we make sure your child stands out in this competitive era with confidence.

What makes Epistemo Cambridge International School the best choice?

Education is the major requirement for a happy life nowadays, where primary education builds the base of knowledge, secondary education carves the path to career choices.

At Epistemo, one of the top Cambridge schools in Hyderabad, we focus on making your child mentally strong and building a character that will help them deal with real challenges in life. 

 Some of the points that make us better than the rest are:


  • Patient and accomplished mentors

 We have mentors and subject matter experts from all over India who introduce creative learning techniques, focus on detailed concept explanations, and instantly clear doubt to the core. Our mentors also help the students build confidence on a topic and have their perspectives help raise questions around it. Our experienced mentors will guide your child to build curiosity even about boring concepts, thus making our teaching faculty unique and evolving.


  • Balanced curriculum

In Epistome we emphasize the all-round development of the child so that young curious minds get the chance to explore various aspects of knowledge. We believe the right curriculum is the one that helps your child develop mentally, socially, and even spiritually. This overall development from the very beginning will help him grow strong for life. 


  • Creative assessment

Unleashing the creative side of your child’s brain is as important as creating his base of education. Here in Epistemo, we believe creativity always pays off; the more creative a child is, the better his career options are. 


Creative assessment is a huge part of the educational curriculum of developed nations such as the USA, Germany, and Australia; this is what helps their younger generation to find solutions to real-life problems in the long run. Hence, our creative assessments are also designed to enhance this multi-perspective analysis ability and out-of-the-box thinking in a child.


  • Excellent infrastructure

A warm and welcoming infrastructure is very important while dealing with children, as they must feel safe and taken care of so that they can just focus on learning and growing. Apart from that, we offer a healthy environment that involves everything, which helps in the growth of both the academic and extracurricular talents of a child. Such as labs for experiments, an auditorium for cultural events, a sports room, a playground and courts for motor skill development, a library, etc., we have it all here.


  • Constant progress report

Being one of the top Cambridge schools in Hyderabad, we believe in the involvement of guardians at every step of a child’s growth. Constant monitoring of progress can give you a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your child so that you can give better instructions and use better guiding techniques for your child. With constant monitoring, you get to point out the problems that can cause potential developmental delays.


Spotting learning problems and addressing them at the right time is very crucial because you cannot focus on correcting spelling mistakes when the child is in eighth or ninth grade. After all, by then their curriculum upscales to complex learning and understanding.


  1. Our unwavering focus on critical Skills:- In this generation, where knowledge gives your child career growth likewise critical skills such as curiosity, self-awareness, open-mindedness, observation, self-analysis, and much more help your child with personality and character growth. These skills can help a child understand the concepts of their syllabus better and be very beneficial in every life situation. Let it be a simple math problem or a real-life problem, we make sure that your child has that base of mental agility from a very young age that will help him face any problem head-on in the future with his problem-solving skills, focus, and observation.


Other than the above-mentioned points, there are many such contributions of Epistome which is the best Cambridge school in Hyderabad that helps develop a curiosity for learning in your child. So you don’t have to turn into Cinderella’s strict stepmom anymore when it comes to learning, our excellent curriculum and expert mentors got it all covered for you.


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