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Designing our curriculum to encourage entrepreneurship

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Epistemo believes in embedding entrepreneurial qualities in our learners’ right from the very beginning. It has a detailed curriculum for Entrepreneurship, Leadership Talks, and Awards, MUN, TEDx, Fellowship, and Innovation skills to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and leadership skills in our students.

Epistemo designed a detailed program to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our school and to stimulate student’s interest in Entrepreneurship. This program is intricately designed to help our students understand and learn the entrepreneurial life-cycle. Through this, we aim to provide our young minds with exposure to rational thinking and experiential learning while simultaneously developing their analytical, logical, and managerial skills.

  • Currency
  • Conversion rates
  • Survey
  • Price negotiation
  • Barter system
  • Production of detergents, jewelry
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Auditing-profit and loss
  • The joy of giving/goodwill
  • CSR activities
  • Retrospection
  • Taxation

Stories inspire children and we truly believe it. Listening to the success stories of brilliant entrepreneurs who have managed to carve out a niche for themselves is a good way to bring inspiration to our budding student entrepreneurs. To support this vision we invite leaders from different walks of life to share their experiences, success stories and tips. We also acknowledge and award young leaders who have successfully contributed to our community in their own unique ways.

Model United Nations is an educational simulation of real-life United Nations committees.Here, students role-play delegates from different nations and try to find a sustainable solution to the given topic. This academic activity is engaging as well as provides students with a deeper insight into world affairs. This is also a good way to polish their speaking, debating, critical thinking, collaboration and leadership skills. In line with MUN, Epistemo has also designed India’s very first Model Indian States (MIS) to provide our learners a deeper insight in to the political and economic setup of our nation.

TEDx events are one of a kind local gathering where ideas are shared in communities around the world. Here thought-provoking videos and mind-blowing talks are shared with an intention to unleash new ideas, inspire and inform students. The content and design of TEDx events are unique and are developed independently. Epistemo is in the process of availing license for conducting TEDx talks.



Asha Sharma


I am very happy with Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and I am proud that my child is part of this school. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Epistemo Vikas Leadership School gives support and solution at all time. Asha Sharma I am very happy with Epistemo Vikas Leadership School, and I am proud that…


Smitha Reddy


Good school. Teachers are very approachable and give great support to our children. My children are very happy going to school. I wish the school can excel many more things in the future Smitha Reddy Good school. Teachers are very approachable and give great support to our children. My children are very happy going to…


Nishkam D


Very Good School, teaching is concept based, kids are able to learn fast because content can change but the concept remains the same. Teachers are excellent they know about the strengths and weaknesses of each and every child. I wish the school will grow and flourish more and more in the future. Nishkam D Very…


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