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CBSE and Cambridge Curriculum

If you're looking for CBSE and Cambridge curriculum schools Hyderabad, then Epistemo Vikas Leadership Schools is your best choice. Students are prepared for the competitive world with International recognition - the globally acclaimed curriculum based on rigorous study of core subjects while developing real-life competencies.

Holistic Learning Framework

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Personality Development

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Entrepreneurship & Leadership

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Innovation & Creativity

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Universal Values & Ethics

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Sports Excellence

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Academic Excellence

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Skill Development

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Community & Care

Ensuring Your Child Learns The 21st Century Skills

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This fast evolving field is one of the mainstays of the curriculum at EPISTEMO. Covering the areas of force, motion, mechanics and programming, it also fosters other skills such as team-building, project management, critical thinking and logical analysis.

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Artificial Intelligence

Creation and innovation are two major components that are at the heart of all the learning frameworks at EPISTEMO. Disruptive ideas and tech-savviness from early childhood ensures an enhanced IQ, that equips our students for the AI world of the near future.

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Our campus is digitally driven with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) oriented advanced learning spaces that encourage free flow of ideas.

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Holistic Education framework that will lead the innovation journey to entrepreneurship.

Futuristic Education


Civic Literacy






Work Education

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